What is an individual counselling session?

In the focus of individual counselling sessions are topics which you are currently interested in, like challenging situations, decisions and questions to answer. Methods applied during individual counselling sessions are based on positive psychology and solutionfocused brief coaching and not on therapy. If you are under therapic and/or psychiatric treatment please let me know before we start our sessions, because these treatments may affect whether we can work together on your topics. My services does not include treating mental illnesses. In case we find during our counselling sessions that you rather need therapic and/or psychiatric treatment, our sessions have to be ended and I support you to find a proper professional who can help you handling your problems.

Do you offer online counselling option?

Online sessions are available both in case of „ordinary” and outdoor counselling sessions, based on previous agreement. In these cases we discuss whether we connect via phone or a collaboration software.

Which are available counselling venues?

The venue of individual counsellin session can be „ordinary”, indoor session – in this case we meet at a previously agreed, calm place. However, there are some topics which fit outdoor venues more (e.g. easy, safe trekkings) – in this case we need to discuss the venue previously and it is useful when you already know your topic, so we may choose the most fitting path. Possible venues are in Budapest and it’s neighborhood, and in Eger and it’s neighborhood.

How can I pay?

You can pay on the website using Simplepay at Book an appointment section. Once you’ve chosen the wanted service, the system automatically redirects you to online payment and generates the invoice for you, based on data you’ve added. If the online payment does not works you can pay by bank transfer. Except individual offers, payment is before delivery. In case of individual offers bank transfer and paying after delivery are also options. Cash is not acceptable.

How can I get individual offer?

You may ask for individual offer via e-mail by mentioning services you need, expected venue, date and time range and the expected number of participants.

How can I participate in COSPPI Wellbeing Program?

You may apply to COSPPI Wellbeing Program by filling in the registration form ont he website at Wellbeing Program section.

For organizations

If you are interested in any service sor research and you would like to see them within your organization, please contact me via e-mail.