Wellbeing program

One’s wellbeing can be approached from several aspects – from these, I focus on subjective wellbeing and workplace wellbeing. Mental health of employees’ is an important part of workplace health promotion, which can be improved by an appropriate, customized program on individual and/or organizational level and its long-term positive effects can be detected in several parts of one’s life.

I develop COSPPI Wellbing Program as part of my PhD research and it roots in evidence based methods. The aim of the program starting in 2021 to increase subjective wellbeing and support effective coping both in private and work life by using character strengths and coping mechanisms optimally. During the 12-weeks-long program participants get personalized exercises, which fit their challenges and activate their strengths. To identify individual needs and track personal development, participants are asked to fill in survey packs at the beginning, half-time and at the end of the program and short feedback surveys at the end of each week. At the end of the program, participants receive individual feedback about their development. If you are interested in joining the program as an organization, executive summaries are also part of feedback pack beside individual reports.

Send me an e-mail to blanka.blgh@gmail.com if you would like to join the COSPPI Wellbeing Program, which is free in 2021.